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Métodos de Pago


The prices indicated in screen are in Euros, include VAT and are the in force ones, except typewriting or typographical mistake. UniversOriginal accepts the following methods of payment:


Transferencia Bancaria - PayPal - Visa - MasterCard - Contrareembolso


Bank transfer

The total of the order will subscribe in advance by means of transfer or directly on bank account. UniversOriginal will proceed to serve the order once the bank transfer remains reflected in his bank account (therefore, if this one is realized from a bank company different from that of UniversOriginal's account, the sending might retard 2 ó 3 days). The direct bank income in offices of the same Bank company to UniversOriginal or the transfer from accounts of the same entity, remains reflected in the same instant. This form of payment does not have any type of additional commission or supplement. In case in 7 days the payment has not been effected, the order will be annulled. 


You can locate your office Santander´s nearest office in  this link. If you do the transfer from a  different bank of Santander it is possible that it has a few expenses of commission, which quantity depends on the bank and of the country from which the transfer is realized. These commissions always are chargeable to the client


Once finished the order you will get for e-mail the number of order. In case of choosing bank transfer as method of payment, it is fundamental to refill the field "Concept" with the " number of Order " that we have indicated you in the e-mail. 




System of payment by Paypal. The payment is realized in totally sure servants of Paypal. It´s actualy one of the more used and sure methods of payment that exists today.


At the moment of realizing the payment, all the introduced information is treated by Paypal, so that UniversOriginal does not have access to they in any way. This service will have a surcharge of 0,95 € on the full amount of your purchase. This additional cost will be added in the "Total Shipping", when the order is complete.

Once realized the payment, he remembers to pulsate " Return to the Shop " to check the order in



Credit Card Visa & MasterCard [ Secure connection Pasat 4B - B. Santander ]

System of payment credit card Visa/MasterCard. This form of payment does not have commission, and is instantaneous, so it is the most recommended method of payment, because at the same moment you realize the payment, the bank warns and confirms to us the receipt of the payment.


The payment is realized in totally secure servants from the bank. This way, the safety and privacy of the transaction are supported by the powerful systems of safety of the bank. They have the last technology to guarantee that the payment is completely sure.

We want to inform you for your known that on the payment being realized in servants of the bank and not on UniversOriginal account, we neither can see, or have access to your information of the credit card. Simply the bank informs us with a message if the transaction has been realized successfully or not, and the amount of the same one. Your privacy is granted.


The servers of the bank use technology SSL, so all the information introduce of your credit card will be encrypted (so that nobody could intercept them nor interpret them, except the bank).

In the page of payment of the bank it will be able to verify that there is a padlock in the low right part of his web browser, which indicates the veracity and safety of the page.



Cash on Delivery (COD)

The amount of the order will be paid to the company of transport once delivered the same one in the indicated direction. This form of payment has a commission of 2 % on the total of the order with a minimum of 1,95 € (price of the total purchase + postage and handling). This option only is accepted in orders of less than 100 €.

This service only is available for sending to Spain and Portugal (Peninsula).







SiteLock security Certificate

The SiteLock certificate fully analyze all web files available our online store, by searching for potential vulnerabilities or threats, if you notify us some suspicion and performs the required action to keep our site safe from cybercriminals.

So having the updated stamp SiteLock enables our customers to be certain that is completely sure when any transaction site. For us your protection and safety is most important.









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