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Welcome to a new universe!!!

Hi world, my name is Idealin. I´m the UniversOriginal puppet and I´ve been sent from a far galaxy where brilliant light bulbs full of ideas live, to fill human lives of original and rare objects, thought to awake mankind curiosity.

Our team in UniversOriginal, are specialized on gadgets and original objects thought for best presents, so if it´s not original or rare, sorry but we haven´t. We offer a large product selection from all over the world, most of them ready to be sent in less than 24h to destiny with total security.


Our high objective it´s the full satisfaction of our clients and on the other side we have the highest number of friends. To achieve your happiness we always have on mind of these deals:



Because in UniversOriginal we care about our working methods and give all our efforts and attention to all of our clients order. We work to find the rarest products on best prices and qualities, looking on the most recondite places of the galaxy.


Smart Product selection

Because like to indentify ourselves with the originality and want to offer different, special and showy products. On internet  there are thousands of shops that offer variations of the same thing: in UniversOriginal we have a catalogue of the really only and special articles. We live and work not to be one more shop.


Visitant attention

Because we put all our effort in attending to the doubts and needs of our visitors, so much if simply they have a consultation, as if some misadventure takes place in his order, putting special interest to attend and answer rapidly and adequately to all our clients.


Your safety is paramount

Because we take very seriously the safety of the user at the moment of buying for Internet, as well as the protection of his personal information in fulfillment with the LOPD. The purchases for Internet sometimes generate distrust and because of it, by means of our attention to the client, we try to eliminate it in order that you feel totally trusting and endorsed before any service or product that you acquire. If you have some doubt it brings over of the functioning of the page or simply you want to do some suggestion to us, do not hesitate to contact us across the e-mail and we will be been glad to helping you.



Legal information

NIF 20.039.947-R

Post office Box 131 · 46700 GANDIA (Valencia - Spain)





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