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Condiciones Generales


The present conditions take as a purpose regulate the use of the services of electronic sale of the different services offered by Esteban Bonet Quiles (


The clauses that compose these General Conditions links both parts and forms a complete and inseparable part of the sales contract which efficiency operates in the moment of the subscription of the order from the client, across the mechanisms of contracting we specified later, all this of conformity with the wrote in the article 1255 of the Civil Code, which gathers the beginning of the autonomy of the will and agreements between the contracting parts.


To guarantee the integrity of the consumers and users rights of the service of's purchases, the present General Conditions establish on conformity to the foreseen in the Law 26/84 of General June 19 for the Defense of Consumers and Users, Law 7/98 of April 13 of General Conditions of Contracting, Law 7/96 of January 15 of Arrangement, Managerial of the Retail Trade, Civil Code 2000/31 CE of the European Parliament and of the Advice of June 8, Law 34/2002 of July 11 of services of the company of the information and of electronic commerce, Law 23/2003 of July 10 of Guarantees in the sale of Consumer goods and the regulation that develop them.



Conditions of dealing


Price policy saves himself in every moment and unilaterally the modification of products and services prices offered across his web page. To guarantee to the client the certainty and safety of his products prices, this one will be the in only one in the coincidental advertising or publicity in the moment to formalize the order, except misprint or typographical mistake.


Information on the product offered the client

In the card of product we will find the technical characteristics, description, brand of the manufacturer and a photography.

The acquired product will be able to suffer, for availability of the manufacturer, not substantial modifications in the components, characteristics or presentations of the lot that integrate it, always and when they do not suppose a demerit of the qualities and advertising presentations.


Information about the price products

The prices published in the Web include the VAT and the rates that correspond according to the type of product. In case some product has some additional amount, will inform the client in the process of electronic purchase before it should formalize the acceptance.


Order acceptance

In the moment of formalization of the order, once finished the same one, is understood client give the assent for the validity and efficiency of the contract of sale that forces to both parts.


Cancellation of the order

The orders not subscribers in 7 days will be annulled (previous notice to the client).


Buy with good intentions

The commitment or agreement acquired by of sale and delivery of the offered products remains subordinated to the stock of the announced product and to the availability of the same before ending the stock too, so, in his commitment of quality and service to the client, tries at all time that the publicized products are available.

Nevertheless, in the case ending the stocks of one of our products, the order and the contract signed between the parts will stay without effect by virtue of the present clause, returning entirely the client in case of prepayment of the quantities paid for the same one, without any indemnification for no one of the parts debt to to breach of the contract, emergent hurt or out of a job profit.


Forms of payment

· By means of Revenue / bank Transfer, indicating the number of order and name in the concept of the payment.

· By means of the system of payment Paypal across the cart of the purchase. (It can consult information about this service doing click in the section "Payment Methods").

· By means of COD, paying the complete amount of the order to the assessor of the agency of transport. This form of payment supposes an additional overcharge for the agency of transport for the management of the collection and will be indicated he before the formalization of the order.

· By means of Credit card Visa/MasterCard across the cart of the purchase.


Delivery time

· Explained  in the paragraph Shipping Methods, which can consult from here.


Client rights

· Modals to the confidentiality explained in the isolated Legal Notice, which can consult from here.

· Free access to the sections opened of's web page.

· Return / Change of the requested order: contemplated in the section Post-Sale Service.


Obligations of the user / client

· To preserve his perosnal user and passwords with the correct diligence.

· To use the information published by exclusively for the client, strictly inside the commercial personal claimed relation.

· Not to reproduce, to alienate or to have the information published by in all his contents without express permission of the own company.

· To use faithfully the service of purchases facilitated by in his web page, abstaining from manipulating the contents of his web page, or from interfering in his software across virus or other ways forbidden in Law.

· Respect the agreement of purchase once accepted the order, with the opportune payment of the compound price.'s Rights

· To preserve, to modify or to suspend his Web without previous notice (always respecting orders already realized).

· To modify the price of the offers.

· To reject orders for lack of stock or non-payment of the client.

· To perceive the amount of the purchases once the client has accepted the transaction.

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